Documentary: Drop-out in Colombia: Making-Of (Cont.)

Shooting Day 1:

Face to face with Santiago: He is telling us why he decided to abandon the FARCS.

The director with one of the witnesses  of Santiago´s successful come back: he now is a talented dance professor.

Carlos Andres Hincapie now is a strong young man but he used to live on the street when he was a kid. He made it through and now is a graphic designer. It has been a long way before he could discover  happiness . Here the cam of Felipe Meneses gets a timid smile of him.

The Director, Wilmar Valencia, and the cameraman, Felipe Meneses, during the shooting.


Dania, our protagonist, is fighting against bulling at school; she sometimes feels like against the Wall.

Dania´s family talking about drop out situation in this case their daughter.

Shooting in Dania`s house. Our team had to shoot from a small balcony because of very limited space inside the house but we could realize how big the heart of this family is ...

Dania found her way to come back to life, get energy, motivation : she started singing. Small contests at the beginning, larger ones now, even on TV! A poster of Dania hangs in the small living room very close to the cd player like she is ready to perform for us!

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