A protein in the brain can help with stress

The Press Association reports that “an "anxiety protein" in the brain could lead to new treatments for stress disorders and depression”. This is because “the protein neuropsin is regulated by the amygdala, a region deep in the brain that plays a key role in emotional responses”. Scientists suggest that developing a drug that “target the neuropsin biological pathway could provide new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety conditions”.

The study was directed by Dr Robert Pawlak, from the University of Leicester. He said: “It was previously known that certain individuals are more susceptible to detrimental effects of stress than others. Although the majority of us experience traumatic events, only some develop stress-associated psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. The reasons for this were not clear”.

The report was published in the journal Nature.

By Patricia Rivero.
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