Fear of heights can be treated with a stress hormone

The Daily Mail (online version) reports that scientists have created “a pill that can treat an irrational fear of heights”. Apparently, the capsule contains the stress hormone knows as cortisol and “works in combination with traditional therapy to help people forget what makes them frightened”.

It also reported that in the test part of the experiments, “just three sessions of treatment was enough to noticeably reduce the symptoms of panic, sweating and anxiety caused by heights”. But this pill has to be combined with exposure therapy.

Health UsNews.com adds that this study is not yet ready for primetime, because according to its scientists, they “need more studies to explore the therapeutic potential of cortisol in combination with psychotherapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders”.

The study was published online March 28 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

By Patricia Rivero.
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