New fathers with depression tend to spank their babies more.

The website Health reports that “new research shows that new dads experience baby blues too: 7% of new fathers reported recent major depression, and many of them said they had spanked their 1-year-old babies”.

The study, which was published in the journal Pediatrics, “focused on the impact of postpartum depression on specific parenting behaviors. Researchers analyzed interview data on 1,746 fathers who were living with 1-year-old babies in 1999-2000 in 16 major U.S. cities. The researchers found that 41% of those who reported feeling depressed spanked their babies, compared with 13% of dad without depression”.

One of the researchers stated that this is serious because “children were only 1 year of age in our study, a developmental stage when children are unlikely to understand the connection between their behavior and subsequent punishment and when spanking is more likely to cause physical injury”.

Usually, postpartum depression is a more common condition in women, which affects up to 25% of new moms, but the problem may be more serious in men than doctors recognize.

By Patricia Rivero.
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