More Facebook friends means more stress.

The website reports that according to a study from “a team of psychologists at Edinburgh Napier University questioned 200 students and concluded that the more 'friends' they have, the more stressed out by the social networking website they are”. The leader researched of the study, Dr. Kathy Charles, also said that the study found out that “although there is great pressure to be on Facebook there is also considerable ambivalence amongst users about its benefits”.

The website adds that one of the reasons is that being in Facebook “it's like being a mini news channel about yourself. The more people you have the more you feel there is an audience there. You are almost a mini celebrity and the bigger the audience the more pressure you feel to produce something about yourself”.

In the last years Facebook has been a big phenomenon with about 500 million users worldwide. So, if you use Facebook to be in contact with your friends and family it´s ok, but don´t let it become an addiction.

By Patricia Rivero.
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