Suicide fence on Olympia bridge.

The News reported that on March will begin the installation of a nearly “9-foot fence along the Capitol Boulevard Bridge over Interstate 5, where at least four people have jumped or fallen to their deaths in the past five years”. This is a project of the state Department of Transportation that will cost $518,000 and is part of “statewide initiative to retrofit bridges”.

According to Lisa Copeland, the spokeswoman of the state, “the whole purpose of the project is to try to keep objects, debris, things from going off Capitol Way and onto I-5”. And added that “at almost 9 feet tall, that will make it almost impossible to do”.

The Associated Press added that “the Transportation Department isn't emphasizing suicide as the reason for the 9-foot tall fence, but former state Rep. Brendan Williams says he lobbied for the bridge to prevent people from jumping off”.

By Patricia Rivero.
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